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  • Admission Free November in the Royal Łazienki. Free visits throughout the month

    From 2 to 30 November 2016, visitors to the Royal Łazienki will be able to explore free of charge precious monuments and beautiful art collections from the times of the last King of Poland – Stanisław August. As part of the Admission Free November campaign, visitors are also invited to the Long Night of the Palace on the Isle and the Old Orangery, and to attend museum lessons.

  • Flora Danica. Exhibition of royal porcelain from Denmark

    One of the most famous and exclusive royal dinner sets, Flora Danica, will be displayed in the Palace on the Isle in August. The exhibition of porcelain is a result of cooperation between the Royal Łazienki Museum and the Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød (Denmark).

  • Flemish painting art in the Palace on the Isle. See the famous painting by Coques

    From July until the end of November, the 17th century work of art showing an interior of a gallery of paintings by Gonzales Coques and unidentified Antwerp artists will be displayed in the Palace on the Isle. It is the most interesting example of a specific genre of painting art - gallery paintings.

  • 4th Education Festival Exploring Denmark

    Saturday with Andersen’s tales, workshops for children featuring animations and games, lectures on Danish culture, screening of "A Royal Affair", as well as free museum lessons – these will be the main attractions of the 4th Education Festival, which will be held in the Royal Łazienki until 27 October 2016.