Ludwik Kauffman (1801-1855)

His sculptures depicting personifications of Vistula and Tiber rivers stand on the South Terrace of the Palace on the Isle in the Royal Łazienki.

Born in Rome, son of a Bavarian sculptor Piotr Kauffman. He studied at the Academy of Saint Luke in Rome, under the guidance of Antonio Canova. He also studied in Berlin.

He lived in Poland from 1823. He had a workshop in Warsaw, in the Karaś Palace in Krakowskie Przedmieście. He made gravestones, statues, sculpted portraits as well as functional items such as marble bathtubs. His works adorn the elevations and interiors of several Warsaw palaces, such as the Pac Palace, Tyszkiewicz Palace, Uruski Palace, and the Natolin Palace. He was inspired by Classical art and the work of Antonio Canova. He died in Warsaw. He was buried in the Powązki Cemetery.