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  • "Virtuti Militari" Exhibition

    Devoted to the highest and earliest Polish military decoration, the "Virtuti Militari" exhibition will be held in the Royal Łazienki Museum from 17 September until 12 December 2019. The history of the order founded by King Stanisław August is closely connected with the dramatic history of Poland.

  • An Exhibition by Spouses of international Diplomats

    The Art of Diplomacy is an exhibition by artists from twelve countries, who are based in Warsaw with their spouses.

  • Foxes in the Royal Łazienki. See what you need to know

    Foxes – the ubiquitous predators – are regular visitors to the Łazienki gardens and can often be encountered during strolls. During such encounters, one should take appropriate safety precautions, just like when meeting other wild animals.

  • The Royal Łazienki on exhibition at Venaria Reale

    European royal residences, and among them the Royal Łazienki, are presented on the exhibition in the palace gardens of Reale Venaria in Italy.