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  • 2018 Chopin Concerts. Recitals every Sunday

    Feel invited to the 59th Season of Chopin Concerts in the Royal Łazienki. Recitals at the foot of the Monument to Chopin will be held every Sunday at 12.00 and 16.00. Hear pianists of worldwide renown, including outstanding musicians of the younger generation.

  • Roe deer in the Royal Łazienki – one of our gardens’ inhabitants

    Since nearly a decade, a roe deer has lived in the Royal Łazienki gardens. It is fully tame – it does not fear visitors, and it often appears in the area around the escarpment near the Water Tower and in the Romantic Garden. It is not the only wild animal which lives here.

  • Roses for the 100th anniversary of Polish independence

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Polish independence, the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria gifted one hundred Damask roses to the Royal Łazienki. The flowers adorn the Modernist Garden, where – on 18 July 2018 – a board commemorating the gift from the Bulgarians was unveiled.

  • Exhibition: "ONNA. Beauty, Strength, Ecstasy"

    Depictions of Japanese women carved on Edo-period wood engravings made by the greatest Japanese masters will be displayed from 16 May until 15 August 2018 at an exhibition in the Royal Łazienki. The works come from the National Museum in Kraków and are one of the most precious Japanese engravings from across all Polish collections.