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  • Classes for schools in the Education Zone. Students like royal artists

    Students of primary schools, high schools and secondary schools are invited to classes in the Moulding Shop situated in the Education Zone in the Old Orangery. Everyone will have a chance to feel like a royal artist and make a plaster cast.

  • Exhibition: "The Splendour of Orders on the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence"

    Polish orders and distinctions, including the diamond and ruby uniform of the Order of the White Eagle, will be displayed starting from 9 November 2018 at the Royal Łazienki Museum. The exhibition, which features almost a thousand exhibits, including uniforms and documents, has been organized on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the restitution of Poland’s independence.

  • Admission Free November 2018 in the Royal Łazienki

    We invite visitors to take part in the "Admission Free November" event, during which they will have the opportunity to take tours of the Royal Łazienki without paying entry fees. Many attractions await our guests, including the new temporary exhibition devoted to Polish orders and decorations, as well as strolls, workshops, lectures and museum lessons. Admission to all events is free.

  • Roses for the 100th anniversary of Polish independence

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Polish independence, the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria gifted one hundred Damask roses to the Royal Łazienki. The flowers adorn the Modernist Garden, where – on 18 July 2018 – a board commemorating the gift from the Bulgarians was unveiled.