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  • "Virtuti Militari" Exhibition

    Devoted to the highest and earliest Polish military decoration, the "Virtuti Militari" exhibition will be held in the Royal Łazienki Museum from 17 September until 11 December 2019. The history of the order founded by King Stanisław August is closely connected with the dramatic history of Poland.

  • Unique star of a Napoleonic Marshal. On display for the first time

    A 19th-century Star of the Virtuti Militari Grand Cross, one of the two of this kind in the world and never shown in Poland before, can now be admired in the Royal Łazienki Museum.

  • 2019 "Free November" in the Royal Łazienki Museum

    Join us to take part in the "Free November" campaign, during which you can freely explore the Royal Łazienki Museum. Multiple attractions await our visitors, including the ‘Virtuti Militari’ exhibition, workshops for children and adults, performative readings by the actors of the National Theatre in Warsaw, and museum lessons. Admission to all events is free.

  • Foxes in the Royal Łazienki. See what you need to know

    Foxes – the ubiquitous predators – are regular visitors to the Łazienki gardens and can often be encountered during strolls. During such encounters, one should take appropriate safety precautions, just like when meeting other wild animals.