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  • The Royal Łazienki Museum is closed

    Due to the announcement of state of epidemic in the territory of the Republic of Poland, in connection with the virus SARS-CoV-2, we inform that the Royal Łazienki Museum and the gardens will remain inaccessible to the general public until further notice.

  • The oldest trees of the Royal Łazienki

    European ash, which grows in the Romantic Garden near the Belvedere Pond, is likely the oldest tree in the Royal Łazienki. Its age is estimated at 200 years. The European larch and pedunculate oak trees are equally ancient.

  • New brilliance of the Royal Łazienki. The project "Sources of Transformations" has been completed

    The White Pavilion and the Water Tower have been restored to their former splendour. Featuring new displays and an educational and cultural programme, they will open to visitors in spring. The historic garden surrounding both monuments and the relics of the Neogothic Orangery have also been renovated. The project which enabled to carry out conservation and renovation works was summarized at a conference in the Old Orangery held on 10 December 2019.

  • New garden lamps will lighten up the Łazienki

    The Chinese Avenue and the Belvedere Route at the Royal Łazienki will be lit with new period garden lamps. They will facilitate access to the buildings of the Museum after dark.