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  • Paintings from the collections of the Kościuszko Foundation in New York

    Three outstanding paintings from the collections of the Kościuszko Foundation in New York – "Kościuszko in West Point" by Bolesław Jan Czedekowski, "Light Cavalry Lisowczycy" by Józef Brandt as well as "Gamrat and Stańczyk" by Jan Matejko – will be presented at the Royal Łazienki.

  • New agreements on Norway Grants for Poland signed

    On 20 December 2017, international agreements were signed during a ceremony held in the Palace on the Isle at the Royal Łazienki, granting Poland nearly 810 million from the EEA and Norway Grants. The funds will be used for projects involving environmental protection and development of the civil society.

  • Eco-friendly bird houses for the gardens’ residents

    A dozen nest boxes for birds have been placed in the Royal Łazienki gardens. Soon, insect hotels will also be installed. The miniature wooden houses complement natural hollows and they are part of the Museum’s environment protection programme aimed at preserving biodiversity.

  • Cleaner Łazienki Ponds following rehabilitation

    Higher water levels, improvement of living conditions of plants and animals, increase of the population of fish – these are the effects of the rehabilitation conducted in the Łazienki ponds and channels using the Bio-Gen technology.