Pegasus Stables. Conservation and Renovation of the Kubicki Stables in the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw

On 18 October 2017, in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Royal Łazienki Museum signed an agreement for the financing of construction, renovation and conservation works in the Kubicki Stables.

The project "Pegasus Stables. Conservation and Renovation of the Kubicki Stables in the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw. Adaptation of the Building for Exhibition-Related and Educational Purposes and Implementation of Energy-Efficient Solutions" will be carried out as part of priority axis 8 – "Protection of Cultural Heritage and Development of Cultural Resources of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme 2014-2020". Its budget amounts to PLN 11,039,542.50, including EU funds – PLN 7,105,906.98.

The project encompasses the construction, renovation, and conservation works to be carried out at the Kubicki Stables in 2019-2021 – the main and most valuable building of the so-called Łazienki Manor, consisting of historical buildings (including – alongside the stable – the coach house, the forge and the wash-house) related to the equestrian and military tradition of the Royal Łazienki. The works will lead to the reconstruction of the historical shape and arrangement of the Kubicki Stables, with the central segment rebuilt and the historical gate restored. The project includes an adaptation of the eastern wing for the purposes of an exhibition area, and the opening of a new permanent exhibition devoted to craft and technology, including equitation among other disciplines, with a display of carriages, which will form a foundation for implementing the new cultural and educational programme. The Kubicki Stables will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, and – as a result – available to all visitors.

The intended goal of the project is improvement of cultural and educational activities in the domain of culture, increased accessibility of the infrastructure, and a higher participation of the public in culture – through the development of the cultural and tourism-related potential of the Royal Łazienki Museum. Owing to its rich educational and cultural programme, the project will contribute to providing equal access to culture – also with regard to disadvantaged groups – as well as an increase in cultural competencies and creativity of the public.

As a result, the project will:

  • Enable a wide range of consumers to participate in a high quality cultural and educational programme;
  • Include disabled persons and those at risk of social exclusion in an interesting cultural and educational programme of the Museum;
  • Broaden the capabilities to recognize, impart and fulfil cultural and educational needs and interests of the local community and the country’s residents;
  • Expand the physical infrastructure for conducting high quality, innovative cultural and educational activities;
  • Reduce social differences resulting from insufficient access to an attractive cultural and educational offer;
  • Contribute to the local community integration and to building a social capital based on institutionalized cultural and educational activities;
  • Support the protection of culture, tradition, and cultural heritage;
  • Provide the Museum with possibilities for promotion domestically and abroad and contribute to a positive image of the Museum in society.

In order to ensure that projects co-financed by the European Union are implemented in an ethical, public and transparent manner, we wish to inform you that reports of possible irregularities and fraud may be communicated via e-mail at naduż or through the electronic reporting system; an appropriate form is available at


December 2019 - initial works on Kubicki Stables
Renovation is underway at Kubicki Stables, the most valuable of the buildings in the grange area of the Royal Łazienki, following completion of the earlier construction projects intended to strengthen the foundations and to deepen the basement in the central part of the building. This work was carried out to create modern toilet facilities for visitors and to level the ground floor to make it more accessible for people with physical disabilities. Additionally, information boards were set up concerning the "Pegasus Stables" project. The activities being undertaken within its framework are aimed at creating a new exhibition space in Kubicki Stables and to make it accessible to all visitors.