General Information

The Royal Łazienki Gardens are open every day from dawn until dusk.

Opening times of the individual buildings and ticket prices can be found on the Royal Łazienki Museum’s website. Tickets to visit the individual buildings and for cultural and educational events can be purchased at the Ticket Office located in the Old Orangery and the Officer Cadets School.

Wheelchair users and people with impaired vision can buy tickets directly from the staff. All staff at the Royal Łazienki Museum are fully trained in assisting people with impaired mobility, vision or hearing.

To ensure the best possible service, we kindly request that wheelchair users who would like to visit the buildings and grounds give us advance notice of their visit. Please email: or call (+48) 22 50 60 183, or (+48) 22 50 60 039.

In the absence of prior notification, we will do our very best to accommodate visitors with special needs; however there may be some delay while organizing appropriate assistance, and access to some of the interiors may be restricted.

There are two open air cafes in the Łazienki gardens: one near the New Guardhouse and the other close to the Amphitheatre, as well as a Tea House equipped with a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Getting Around the Royal Łazienki

The Łazienki gardens are situated on the Vistula Escarpment (alongside Aleje Ujazdowskie) and in the former bed of the River Vistula. It is therefore necessary to walk long distances up or down some quite steep inclines in order to move between the two different levels (with at least 3 degrees of incline). The most convenient way to walk is along ul Agrikoli  where there is no entry for motor vehicles (except for service vehicles). We would recommend the use of public transport for those people who may have difficulty walking (there is a bus route which runs between the Łazienki Królewskie <--> Spacerowa stops).

Most of the pathways in the gardens are made of a water permeable mineral surface, the main paths are partially cobbled (those running from ul. Myśliwieckiej, and from Aleje Ujazdowskie).

Wheelchair Accessible Toilets

There are wheelchair accessible public toilets in two locations in the gardens: close to the Amphitheatre and near the Old Orangery.

The toilets close to the Amphitheatre are accessible via a ramp which is approx. 120 cm high with a 3.5 degree incline. NB: The entrance to the wheelchair accessible toilets is on the same side of the building as the men’s toilets.

A cobbled pathway leads to the toilets located near the Old Orangery. There is a step, 3cm high, close to the entrance. Visitors to the Palace on the Isle, will find the wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor of the Palace’s Eastern Pavilion; there is a separate entrance on the side of the colonnade.  The Palace’s staff and museum guards will assist with opening the toilets.