Maurycy Mochnacki (1803-1834)

He was the one who – in the Old Town Square in Warsaw – announced the outbreak of the November Uprising on 29 November 1830.

He was a literary critic, a revolutionary, and historian of the November Uprising. He studied at the Law faculty at the University of Warsaw. In 1822, he was sentenced to 6 weeks of cleaning work in the Belvedere garden for slapping a police inspector in the face. In 1823, he was arrested for his involvement in the Society of Free Poles (Związek Wolnych Polaków). After being released, he worked in the Bureau of Censorship. He co-operated with several newspapers, where he published literary texts. In 1829 or 1830, he joined the Piotr Wysocki’s Plot of Officer Cadets. He took part in the uprising.

After its fall, he departed for France. He devoted his life abroad to writing down the history of Poland. He died of tuberculosis in Auxerre. His bust stands in the Łazienki gardens.