Cartouche of the Coat of Arms of Stanisław August

Near the entrance to the Royal Łazienki, known as the “Coat of Arms” Gate (vis-a-vis the Hermitage), stands a monumental 18th century stone cartouche (a decorated framing), with a royal crown on the top. It frames the emblem of the Republic with the coat of arms of Stanisław August in the inescutcheon (in the middle). The coat of arms of Stanisław August was the coat of arms of the Poniatowski family – a bull calf. Behind it there are four fields with depictions of an Eagle and Pahonia.

The cartouche was found in stone debris after World War II. Its origin is unknown. It may have been a decorative element of the Ujazdów Castle or the Corps of Cadets, which was located in the Kazimierz Palace on Krakowskie Przedmieście.

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