Near the Officer Cadets School stands a bust of Piotr Wysocki - a national hero of Poland, who lived in the years 1797-1875.

He was the commander of the November Uprising, which started on 29 November 1830 in the Officer Infantry School, which was located in the former Great Annexe, currently known as the Officer Cadets School. Wysocki was a lecturer - an infantry instructor, and earlier - a cadet. The bust was made in 1926 by an artist sculptor and conservator Aleksander Żurakowski. It was commissioned on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the November Uprising in 1930, which is commemorated by the dates carved out on the pedestal. The sculpture is made of bronze, and it stands on a granite pedestal. Until 1939, it was located in the Officer Infantry School in Komarowo near Ostrów Mazowiecka. It was lost during World War II. It was found in 1978 in Warsaw, sealed in one of the caves in Park na Książęcem. In 1981, the bust was placed on in its current location.