The Bust of Stanisław Wyspiański is located near the Amphitheatre. It is a replica, i.e. a copy made by the author of the sculpture - Apolinary Głowiński, an artist who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

The plaster sculpture was set up in its current location in 2004. The idea was initiated by a remarkable actor - Janusz Zakrzeński, who died in 2010 in the Polish Air-Force Crash near Smoleńsk.

The bust shows the great Polish poet, thinker, painter, and creator of the contemporary Polish theatre, who lived in the years 1869-1907. Stanisław Wyspiański is the author of the play Noc Listopadowa (The November Night), which was set in the Royal Łazienki among other places. The sculptor was evidently inspired by self-portraits of Wyspiański and, at the same time, created the bust in the spirit of art nouveau. The features of this current are reflected in the way in which the hair and facial lines of the artist are composed - with smooth, harmonious lines. A facsimile of his signature, which Wyspiański often used to sign his works, is carved out on his chest. It consists of the initials of his first name and surname - "SW".