The statue of a Bacchante standing in front of the Palace on the Isle shows a dancing woman, in a state of ecstatic frenzy, during the Bacchanalia - ancient festivals of Bacchus, the god of wine. She is accompanied by a small naked boy - a putto.

The figure of the Bacchante alludes to French sculptures and Baroque Roman sculpture art. She has a slim, perfectly smooth body and a subtle, symmetrical face. There are clear similarities to the Daphne nymph sculpted by Gianlorenzo Bernini as part of the Apollo and Daphne group. Daphne is a pair for the statue of the Dancing Satyr. She was sculpted in white marble, in Rome, by André Le Brun, and in 1779 transported to Warsaw. At first it stood in the Company Room (later known as the Salle de Salomon). Since 1792, it has stood in front of the Palace. 

Until 1944, the Bacchante held a drum with gilded bronze bells in her right hand.