Aurora (also called “the Pagan Woman” by its sculptor) is a white marble sculpture made by a notable Polish sculptor, Zofia Trzcińska-Kamińska. It is a personification of Aurora - goddess of the Aurora phenomenon and dawn. She is depicted as a naked young woman searching for the morning light with her eyes.

Aurora was also known as Eos. According to the mythology, this rosy-fingered goddess would open the gates of heaven for the sun chariot. In art, she was often shown as a fragile woman of delicate beauty.

The statue was made in 1919, and was placed in the southern part of the Royal Łazienki in the 1930s. The sculpture is part of the symbolic plan of the Royal Łazienki. Stanisław August himself compared his likeness with Apollo, the god of the Sun, on the plafond of the Royal Theatre in the Old Orangery.

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