During the second edition of the Chinese Lanterns Festival, visitors to the Royal Łazienki will have a chance to listen to Oriental concerts. The first of them – entitled “Poland and China – Folk Friendships” will be held in the Chinese Garden on 31 July at 8:00 p.m. Traditional music as well as folk instruments from Poland and China will be played in a free, folk improvisation. The featured compositions will include the best pieces by Kolberg as well as musical themes from Kung fu films.

The following artists will perform:
Maria Pomianowska – Biłgoraj suka, sarangi, erhu, morin-khuur, singing;
Anna Krysztofiak – guzheng, nanguan pipa, erhu, hulusi, yueqin, singing;
Shaheen Parvez – percussion instruments, violin;
Paweł Betlej – dizi, western concert flute, xiao;
Hubert Giziewski – accordion;
Aleksandra Kauf – “wspak” instrument, Biłgoraj suka, singing.

The Royal Łazienki Museum has organised the Chinese Lanterns Festival since 2012. This is a part of the "Garden of Lights" international project designed to promote exceptional historic gardens and museums from across the world. Five residences cooperate within the project - apart from the Royal Łazienki Museum these are the Prince Pückler Park in Bad Muskau (Germany), Château de Lunéville (France), Tsarskoye Selo in Sankt Petersburg (Russia), Prince Kung’s Mansion in Beijing (China) and and Frederiksborg Slot in Hillerød (Denmark).