We invite visitors to the international Sphere of Silence Festival. On Saturdays in July, more than 100 concerts will take place on the open-air garden stages in the Royal Łazienki. The featured bands will include Caravana Banda, Tęgie Chłopy, Duan i Treblers and TangoPuro. Admission to all events is free.

Each Saturday in July will be devoted to music and culture of a different country. On 1 July, German artists will perform. On 8 July, we will listen to Balkan rhythms. On 15 July, Polish music will be featured. On 22 July, Irish bands will play, and the last Saturday of the month, 29 July, will be devoted to Latin American music.

During the festival, music will be played in the Łazienki gardens throughout the day, on numerous stages at the same time: The Red Stage near Trou Madame, the Purple Stage near the Temple of Sybil, the Orange Stage near the Water Tower, the Yellow Stage near the Old Guardhouse, and the Blue Stage near the Amphitheatre.

During the festival, Saturdays will be culminated with evening concerts on the Purple Stage and the Blue Stage. On 1 July at 19.00, near the Temple of Sybil, DoubleBeats band will perform. It is a German percussion duet – one of the finest bands of this type in the world, which has been taking concert halls by storm. The audience will have a chance to listen to well known, classical pieces alongside contemporary works, which show the exceptional versatility of percussion instruments.

Final concerts on the subsequent Saturdays will be played by: Caravana Banda (Temple of Sybil, 19.00), Tęgie Chłopy (Amphitheatre, 18.00), Duan i Treblers (Amphitheatre, 18.00) and TangoPuro (Temple of Sybil, 19.00).

The festival will not lack in open-air concerts intended for families: the popular Melokids played on the Yellow Stage near the Old Guardhouse (10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 15.00) as well as events intended for people taking strolls and other audience members, including dance classes of waltz, tango as well as Balkan and Irish dances.

The Sphere of Silence Festival is also an opportunity to present one’s own musical skills. On each Saturday in July (13.00 and 15.00), on the Orange Stage near the Water Tower, amateur musicians and professionals will have a chance to showcase their skills. Applications: koncert@muzykajest.pl

During the festival, the Orange Stage will also feature singing ensembles, choirs and vocal ensembles, including dotFlow, Black&White Violin Duo, Dziewieje and God’Spell.

All concerts played during the Sphere of Silence Festival will take place in quiet, picturesque nooks of the gardens. It will be possible to listen to them while lying on deck chairs or on the lawn, enjoying music in a pleasant atmosphere, with family and friends, and the artists will be within hand’s reach.

The Sphere of Silence is organised by: The Royal Łazienki Museum, "Muzyka jest dla wszystkich" Foundation, and Ogrody Muzyczne Foundation. The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is the partner of the Saturday devoted to German music. The event is co-sponsored by the capital city of Warsaw.