Children and their parents are invited to visit an interactive exhibition in the Old Guardhouse. Inspired by the four elements – the installation will awaken the young visitors’ imaginations.

The exhibition "Brave the elements!" accompanies the exposition "In the grip of artistic fervour. Jan Bogumił Plersch – Court painter to King Stanisław August". It is an interactive installation inspired by the four elements – a theme which was often employed by the Royal artist. Divided into four zones – of fire, water, air and earth – the exposition will form a space for cheerful and creative play. It will foster the development of senses and attention to colour, texture and detail.

Children will see the redness of hot lava, whiteness of soothing clouds, greenness of soft grass and the blue colour of sea waves, all of which will awake their imagination and encourage them to learn about the world. The format of the exhibition will allow children to set their own path of exploration.

What makes this exhibition special is the fact that some of the exhibits were made in the course of family workshops "Pawie oczko" ("Peacock’s Eye"), whose participants included children on the autism spectrum.

The exposition "Brave the elements!" will be open from 4 July to 30 November, every day from 10.00 to 16.00.