You are invited to two exceptional concerts featuring the soloists, the choir and the orchestra of the ‘Mazowsze’ ensemble, during which the most beautiful Christmas carols and pastorals will resound through the Royal Łazienki. The first concert will be held on 9 December at 7 p.m., and the second on 10 December at 6 p.m. – both in the Royal Theatre.

You will be able to hear songs that are famous and popular, as well as those less known, such as Serca ludzkie się radują (With hearts rejoicing) or Święta Panienka (Saint Maiden). Although carol and pastorals invoke the same event, they are different – some of them are characterised by a rhythm of Mazurek and Oberek, while others of the Polonaise; however, they all exude joy and reverie.  

Christmas Eves in Polish homes have for ages been accompanied by carols sung by the ‘Mazowsze’ ensemble. They are still appreciated for their distinctive style and traditional interpretation.