The famous work "La serva padrona” (“The Servant Turned Mistress”) by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, telling a funny story of a wealthy bachelor terrorized by a maid, will be available to see in the Royal Łazienki. The show, performed as a marionette opera, will be prepared by the Warsaw Chamber Opera as part of the "Baroque in the Royal Theatre" series.

It will feature excellent soloists from the Warsaw Chamber Opera, musicians from the Warsaw Chamber Opera’s Old Instrument Ensemble (Musicae Antique Collegium Varsoviense) led by Przemysław Fiugajski, and puppeteer actors - alumni of the Puppet Art Faculty. The performance will be directed by Lesław Piecka - a marionette theatre specialist and lecturer at the Puppet Art Faculty of the Białystok division of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art. It will take place in front of a scenography, while the puppeteer actors, moving marionettes suspended on long strings, will remain invisible to the audience.

"La serva padrona” will be available to see in the Royal Theatre on 26 (premiere), 27, and 28 February (7 p.m.) Tickets for the performance can be bought in the ticket offices of the Royal Łazienki and the Warsaw Chamber Opera. Premiere: normal ticket price - 80 zlotys, reduced ticket price - 40 zlotys, performances on 27 and 28 February: normal ticket price - 60 zlotys, reduced ticket price - 30 zlotys.