Children and their carers are invited to a meeting with Åshild Kanstad Johnsen, a Norwegian illustrator and author of books for the youngest ones, combined with workshops for little collectors. We start on 28 January 2017 at 11:00 a.m. in the Palace on the Isle.

Those participating in the classes will meet Little Trunk, created by the artist. In the book Pieniek otwiera muzeum (Little Trunk opens a museum), he begins his adventure with collection. It will precisely be him who will tell the children what to collect and how to describe their treasures – a chestnut tree leaf, a black top hat or a small thimble. Using them, the workshop participants will together create a remarkable collection.

We invite children to bring for the classes an interesting object from their own collections or a thing with which they would like to begin their adventure with collections. During the workshops, children will learn how to display their treasures in the most interesting way. In addition to that, Åshild Kanstad Johnsen will reveal the secrets of creating book illustrations to children.

You need to buy a family ticket for 20 zlotys (child plus carer) and sign up: or tel. 22 50 60 183.

The partner of the event is the Dwie Siostry publishing house – publisher of the book Pieniek otwiera muzeum.