You are invited to the interactive education zone in the Old Guardhouse to listen to fairy tales and legends from the Land of Cherry Blossoms. Five magical tales will throw the children in a whirlwind of events. The official opening of the Japan-inspired space will take place on 15 May 2018 at 18.00.

The zone "O-powiadaj! Japonia w pięciu opowieściach” (O, do tell us! Japan in Five Tales) accompanies the exhibition "ONNA. Beauty, Strength, Ecstasy", featuring images of Japanese women on wood engravings, made by the greatest Japanese masters. The Polish title of the educational zone begins with the letter "O", which is used in Japanese to emphasise the importance of something. The wordplay is designed to underline the value and role played by stories in the discovery of macrocosms of different cultures and the development of one’s imagination.

In the interactive space in the Old Guardhouse, children and accompanying adults will listen to fairy tales and legends from the Land of Cherry Blossoms. By listening to five magical tales, the youngsters will embark on a wonderful adventure: they will meet the Peach Boy – Momotarō, accompany the princess of the depths on her journey to the underwater land, and traverse a bamboo forest filled with shining lumps of gold.

Children with still some energy left will join a crane on its flight above the Fuji Mount to uncover the secret hidden in a mysterious casket. In the space arranged in the Old Guardhouse, the children will be given various tasks allowing them to compose their own stories, inspired by the fairy tale themes. The kamishibai theatre and illustrated stones – story stones will assist the children in their creative process. Active story tellers will have the opportunity to play a large-scale game, allowing them to tell the imagined story by jumping. Those who like creating image-based stories are invited to join a drawing mini-workshop and a space for folding origami figures.

Come with your entire family and be amazed by the magic of Japanese tales!

The educational zone will be open every day from 10.00 to 16.30. We kindly request that groups of more than seven persons (organized groups are restricted to 25 persons) book a date for visiting the exhibition: The area is adapted for the needs of persons with disabilities and impairments.

Note! On selected Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, when the Old Guardhouse hosts workshops for children, the venue will be unavailable to visitors.

The tales told in the educational zone come from the series: "Japońskie baśnie i opowieści" (Japanese Fairy Tales and Stories) by Wioletta Laskowska-Smoczyńska and Katarzyna Nowak, published by the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology.