The guest of the Royal Łazienki, on 29 June (6:00 p.m., the Palace on the Isle), will be a figure of Polish literature - Hanna Krall. We will hear fragments of the author’s excellent works, which surpass the boundaries of reportage, and have evidently artistic features.

The conversation with the outstanding reporter will be conducted by her student - the essayist Mariusz Szczygieł. Topics will include the relation between reporting, literature, and life.

"The Light of Literature” series, which will feature meetings with outstanding writers, is organised by the Royal Łazienki and the Eastern Foundation For Culture Akcent. The project, which will be coordinated by Doctor Bogusław Wróblewski – the editor-in-chief of Akcent, references the series of lectures entitled "The Enlightenment Republic of Rulers" and "The Enlightenment Republic of Dreams", and is a reflection on the contemporary times - as a response to the reflection on history.

The writers presented to the audience have the necessary courage to pose vital questions for our times in their works, and responsible enough to avoid ready and explicit answers.

During the Enlightenment, literature had a decisive impact on the character of this historic era by shaping the awareness of leaders who were able to direct societal life on new tracks. Is this possible today? Can we still trust literature at the turn of centuries, after the postmodern discourse has been exhausted, and in the face of heavy dangers? All of the above will be discussed by the guests of "The Light of Literature” series.