The Royal Łazienki in the International Council of Museums

The Royal Łazienki has become a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), which has operated as a non-governmental organization for several dozen years gathering 35 thousand people around the world. The Polish National Committee of ICOM is seated in King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów.

ICOM was founded in 1946, with the help of UNESCO, in order to represent the interests of museums. Currently, it deals, among other things, with education of museum staff, forms of museum activities that benefit societies and culture, challenges faced by museums worldwide as well as ethical problems.

This non-governmental organization incorporates 172 committees, including 117 national committees, 31 international specialist committees, 5 regional associations (committees of the regions), and 20 affiliate organizations. ICOM advises to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The official languages of the organization are French, English and Spanish.

Since 2012, ICOM’s Polish National Committee has been headed by Professor Dorota Folga-Januszewska.

The Royal Łazienki is also a member of the prestigious Network of European Royal Residences (ARRE, Association des Résidences Royales Européennes), which promotes knowledge about the European heritage and manages collaborative cultural projects.