Cleaner Łazienki Ponds following rehabilitation

Higher water levels, improvement of living conditions of plants and animals, increase of the population of fish – these are the effects of the rehabilitation conducted in the Łazienki ponds and channels using the Bio-Gen technology.

The rehabilitation of basins in the Royal Łazienki, carried out by the Polish company, Bio-Gen, has been under way since 2015. The programme of cyclical actions encompasses: The North Pond, Lower and Upper South Pond, Belvedere Pond as well as their inflows. Twice a year – in spring and autumn – a special preparation is added to these basins; it is a microbiological composite comprising a dozen bacterial strains, free of pathogens that might pose a risk for humans and animals. The rehabilitation technology – developed in the laboratories of the Bio-Gen company – maintains the biological stability in the basins, which exhibit various levels of eutrophication (contamination).

How is the rehabilitation carried out?

The spring-time application of the microbiological composite impacts the processes taking place in the Łazienki basins after the winter period. The ponds and channels are protected from summer germination of algae and cyanobacteria and the spread of macrophytes. In autumn, the applied substance neutralises the organic debris that have fallen into the basins (leaves, branches, grass, etc.). As a result, they do not accumulate on the bottom and – consequently – do not contribute to putrefaction.

As of yet, the Bio-Gen company has carried out six rehabilitation operations in the Łazienki ponds and channels. The effects are already visible. The water in the basins has become clearer, it has higher oxygen levels, and the living conditions of the native species of plants and animals have improved – for example, fish are healthier and their population has increased.

The rehabilitation of the Łazienki ponds and channels will continue in 2018.