The Concert Room

The walls of the Concert Room are lined with green silk and hung with paintings, among which it is worth noting Charles André van Loo’s Venus and Amor, Antoine Pesne’s Idyll (Angelica and Medora) (1751), Ancient Ruins by Giovanni Paolo Panini (?), as well as Sheep and Goats by Philipp Peter Roos known as Rosa di Tivoli. On the end of the long axis of the room is a sandstone fireplace, on the mantelpiece of which an Empire-style clock with an image of Pericles is displayed, and next to it – candlesticks made in the same style, in the form of winged female figures in standing positions.

On the other side of the room stands a column with a marble bust of Faustina the Younger, wife of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (a copy of an ancient sculpture from the Museo Capitolino in Rome, 2nd half of the 18th century, from the collection of Stanisław August). On both sides of the porte-fenêtre, visitors will find two rococo commodes on which are two small bronze statues of seated Roman women, made in 1791 by Francesco Righetti in Rome, depicting Agrippina, mother of Emperor Nero. The interior contains a Classicist collection of white-lacquered furniture and beige-lacquered Neo-Rococo Steinway & Sons piano dating from 1899.