The Second Room of the Apartment

The walls of the Second Room – a former bedroom – are decorated with portraits. Four of them were painted by an Austrian painter, who often stayed in Poland, Franciszek Lampi (1782–1852), and depict Antoni Kruszewski, Józefina Rogozińska, Emilia Bonin-Sławianowska, and an unidentified man. The portrait of Anna Krasińska née Ossolińska is a copy of a portrait by Josef Grassi (1758–1834), and Joanna Grudzińska – Princess of Łowicz – was most likely painted by Józef Sonntag (1786–1834). Other paintings include the Lady in a Blue Coat by a German painter, from the mid-18th century, and a Lady from the Borkowski Family, by a Polish painter from the late 18th century.

On the wall opposite to the window hangs a woollen, hand-embroidered tapestry rug (Poland, 2nd half of the 18th century), and below it stands a square piano made in 1790 at the London workshop of Adam Beyer. On the chiffonier is a miniature terracotta replica of Jean-Antoine Houdon’s well-known sculpture, Frileuse (Winter), and on the column – a terracotta bust of Mme Recamier by the equally well-known Joseph Chinard. The décor is complemented with furniture: An Empire-style escritoire – of unusual shape – with bent legs (Vienna, 1st quarter of the 19th century), a display cabinet adorned with inlay work, on which stands a small gilded bronze statue of Tadeusz Kościuszko, and Classicist-style chairs upholstered in tapestry.