Savoir vivre

We are very pleased that you have decided to come to the Royal Łazienki and we wish you an enjoyable visit. For your own safety, the protection of the environment, of art works and architecture, as well as for the comfort of other visitors, please follow these Rules and Regulations:


1.1. The Royal Łazienki Museum is a monument entered into the Register of Monuments and on the List of Historical Monuments. It is subject to legal protection in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Monuments and the Guardianship of Monuments.

1.2. Visitors to the Garden are asked to adhere to the Rules and Regulations and follow the instructions of the Museum staff. Children up to the age of 13 should be under constant supervision of adults.

1.3. The Garden and Museum buildings are monitored.

1.4. The Garden is open to visitors every day from dawn till dusk. Admission to the Garden is free.


2.1. Please walk on designated paths.

2.2. When staying on the lawns, please remain in designated picnic areas, and during concerts, near the monument to Chopin.

2.3. Individual running is allowed during the Garden’s opening hours. The Janusz Kusociński jogging route, created under the patronage of the Polish Olympic Committee, has been made available to joggers.

2.4. Visitors to the Garden should not:

  • feed animals or scatter food
  • touch animals, especially squirrels and peacocks (when scratched or bitten by an animal, please seek immediate medical attention)
  • destroy trees, bushes or flowers
  • climb on trees or enter the water reservoirs
  • drop litter and cigarette butts
  • disturb silence
  • play ball games
  • remain in the Garden during storms and heavy winds.

2.5. In the Garden, it is prohibited to:

  • ride on bicycles, roller skates, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, etc.
  • walk animals
  • consume alcohol outside restaurants and cafés
  • start or use fire

2.6. Consent of the Museum is required for:

  • the organisation of public meetings, collecting or soliciting money
  • the organisation of events, conducting commercial activities, displaying advertisements and announcements
  • photographing and filming for commercial purposes
  • doing other sports than individual running
  • driving into the Garden with mechanical vehicles


3.1. Visitors who disturb peace and order and do not comply with these Rules and Regulation may be asked to leave the Garden premises with no reimbursement of the costs of entry tickets to Museum buildings.

3.2. The Museum shall not be liable for infringements of visitors’ personal interests by third parties, including damage incurred as a result of recording or using their image.

3.3. The Museum shall not be liable for incidents arising from non-compliance with these Rules and Regulations.

We will appreciate your comments concerning your visit; we are open to your opinions and suggestions. Please contact us by email at the following addresses:, or by post: Muzeum Łazienki Królewskie, ul. Agrykoli 1, 00-460 Warsaw.