Visitors to the Palace on the Isle can now see the royal bedchamber, which as a result of revitalization resembles the one from the times of Stanisław August. Now, we can admire historical furniture that was refurbished with highest care, including the ruler’s canopy bed and richly adorned silk wall panels.

The private bedroom of Stanisław August, located on the first floor of the Palace on the Isle, has been completely renovated. Conservators were able to reconstruct the wall panels according to the 18th-century patterns. The silk fabrics were custom-made for the Royal Łazienki in Lyon’s manufactures (the work could be financed with the contribution of EU funds).

The conservators also refurbished the set of the king’s furniture: the sofa, the armchair and the canopy bed, whose reconstruction was based on archival and iconographic sources and examples of beds preserved from the period between 1775 and 1790. Records from the last inventory of the Palace on the Isle from the Stanislavian times describe the bed as a piece of wall furniture with a canopy and drapes, located in the private bedchamber of the last ruler of Poland.

Beds from the most famous French apartments in the Palace of Versailles, including the bedroom of Marie Antoinette, served as models during the refurbishment works.

Based on archival studies and comparative analyses, non-preserved elements from Stanisław August’s bedchamber have been added, beginning with silk upholstery fabrics, linings, haberdashery and ending with recreating the entire canopy over the King’s bed.

The works in the bedroom of the last ruler of Poland were carried out as part of the revitalization project of the Palace on the Isle between 2012 and 2015.