We invite our visitors on 27 February to the Winter Evening of Light, during which it will be possible to see the Royal Łazienki in extraordinary lighting. The evening walk with lanterns around the historic gardens will be concluded by an atmospheric concert in front of the Palace on the Isle. The guests will be accompanied by figures dressed in colourful historical costumes.

The Winter Evening of Light, which will take place for the fourth time, is the only opportunity of the year to take a stroll with lanterns in the Łazienki gardens and see how the magically illuminated buildings of the summer residence of Stanisław August and the trees surrounding them emerge from the darkness.

The walk will start at 7:00 p.m. (participation is free). It will be possible to choose one of three routes leading to the terrace of the Palace on the Isle, where the final concert will take place.

The Red Lantern Route - will start by the entrance to the Royal Łazienki near Gagarina Street. It will continue through the Chinese Alley, along the Modernist Garden with a view of the Aurora sculpture. It will then cut through the Modernist Garden, leading - across a footbridge - to the eastern shore of the Upper South Pond with an island. It will lead further, near the hill with the rock garden, to the Amphitheatre, and then, along the shore of the pond next to the Bosquets - the former Italian Garden - up to the terrace of the Palace on the Isle.

The Blue Lantern Route - will start at the entrance near to the Monument to Chopin (on Ujazdowskie Avenue). It will head towards the 19th century Romantic Garden. It will pass the Temple of Sybil, cut across the bank in front of the Belvedere building, and head towards the Egyptian Temple and the Bust of Mochnacki. It will traverse a part of the Modernist Garden with the sundial, a view of the New Orangery, and the Aurora sculpture. It will continue along the Upper South Pond and to the terrace of the Palace on the Isle.

The Green Lantern Route - will start on the Agrykoli Street near the entrance to the "Coat of Arms" Alley. It will then lead to the Arcade Bridge with the Monument to King Jan III Sobieski and offer a view of the northern façade of the Palace on the Isle, and then it will continue to the Agrykola street to the entrance near the Chinese Alley. It will run through the Belvedere Avenue, near the Chinese Garden, and up to the crossing between the Water Tower, the Old Orangery and the White Pavilion. It will continue on the Royal Promenade to the Chinese Alley, and from it - near the New Guardhouse - to a road leading to the terrace of the Palace on the Isle.