Although the White Pavilion is not as magnificent and well-known as the Palace on the Isle, it was originally planned as the main residence of Stanisław August at the Royal Łazienki. Those persons closest to him lived here.

Today it houses the King’s Collection of Prints. The White Pavilion contains some unique grotesque decorations and floral motifs intertwined with human figures and animals - these are the earliest decorations of this kind to be found in the neoclassical interiors of the Polish residences.

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Stanisław August stayed in the White Pavilion during summer, probably until 1779; later, he moved here for the time of refurbishments in the Palace on the Isle. The White Pavilion was also occupied by the members of the king’s family: His sisters – Izabela Branicka and Ludwika Maria Zamoyska, but also his sister-in-law, Teresa Herula née Kinsky, mother of Prince Józef Poniatowski. According to legend – also Elżbieta Grabowska, a long-standing mistress of Stanisław August.

During World War II, the White Pavilion was spared from destruction and most of the rooms retained their original design. 

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