Rembrandt and others. The royal collection of paintings of Stanislaw August

Stanislaus Augustus during his reign has created a wonderful collection of images. The interiors of residences, primarily the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the Royal Łazienki, amassed a collection numbering according to the 1795 inventory of 2,289 works by major European artists from the seventeenth and eighteenth century, including  Rembrandt van Rijn, Angelica Kauffmann, Per Krafft, Anton van Dyck, Nicolas de Largilliere, Gabriel Metsu and Marcello Bacciarelli. Collection of paintings was not only to serve the decoration of royal residences. Stanislaw August saw art as part of the image of an enlightened ruler and the "spiritual culture shapes the nation."

The exhibition Rembrandt and others - the Royal collection of paintings of Stanislaw August in the Palace on the Island is the first installment in a series of demonstrations planned by the Museum of the Royal Łazienki, devoted to the royal collections, and the patronage of the last ruler of the Republic of Two Nations. [1] On the ground floor of the Palace on the Island - in the Bacchus Room, Cabinet portrait, Solomon Hall and Picture Gallery - presenting 153 works from the collection of the Museum of the Royal Łazienki, the collection Lanckoronski of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the National Museum in Warsaw and the Polish Army Museum.

Royal Catalogue des Tableaux inventory appartenant à Sa May. le Roi de Pologne 1795, showing the distribution of such images the Royal Łazienki, became the basis for the preparation of the present exhibition. The works are presented in accordance with the eighteenth-century way of displaying, creating a decorative wallpaper. Peace returned to the Bacchus paintings Ádám Mányokiego and he attributed in the eighteenth century, showing people around Augustus II. The Cabinet of the portrait were the work of various subjects, and in the Picture Gallery from the collection of valuable paintings, including two king Rembrandty - scholar at the desktop, and from September 15 Girl in a frame image (join exhibition in September after returning from an exhibition at the royal palace in Madrid .) Hall Solomon, the most representative of the halls of the Palace on the Isle of time the exhibition has become the Gallery One Master, the greatest friend of King Stanislaus Augustus and his advisors in matters of art - Marcella Bacciarelli. The last point is the Chapel of the exhibition, which exhibited three works which are the equivalents (granted to Poland under the Treaty of Riga) and an associated historically with the Palace at the Tin Roof.

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